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  • We also Specialise in Sealing Old Asbestos Roofs

We specialise in Commercial Painting, Industrial Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating, Roof Painting & Road Marking.

Our efficient and capable management team together with our competent workforce and streamlined infrastructure ensures you get a high quality painting work to best industry standards in the most reasonable time possible. We guarantee you a hassle and stress free experience.

Clients Include:

For the past 3 years we have completed numerous projects for the Somerset Mall. We do the majority of their painting, relocation of shops and preparation of new stores. Other clients include Distell, FNB, Hyundai, Pep Stores, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Food Lover’s Market and Ciatti – Global Wine & Grape Brokers

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We have over 20 years of extensive experience in project management in an extremely competitive market abroad and are now happy to introduce these skills to the South African market.

Hamiltons Painting specializes in Commercial Painting, Industrial Coating, Waterproofing & Roof Painting.

Hamiltons Painting was evolved to champion new technologies developed in an environmentally conscious movement in paint manufacturing. Hamiltons Painting was developed to be able to use new and advanced products which are suited for energy saving and a greener profile.

The Hamiltons Painting management model is focused on preventative maintenance, saving you money, and at the same time giving you superior service and products.

Hamiltons Painting is current with health and safety programmes, effective, and correct disposal of waste. Our sites are managed and monitored methodically to ensure new world service with old world ethics.

We specialise in Commercial Painting, Industrial Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating, Roof Painting & Road Marking.

Water penetration in buildings can cause costly structural and internal damage. Although it adds no aesthetical value to your property, it is essential not to neglect proper and sustainable waterproofing. At waterproofing specialists Hamilton James we have an experienced team that can provide a professional solution tailored to the needs of each individual waterproofing problem, using South African Materials for South African weather conditions

Waterproofing specialists perform a wide variety of functions. Why should you hire a waterproofing specialist for your project?

Firstly, waterproofing specialists are often very knowledgeable in finding the problem and the best way to fix it. Since we are waterproofing specialists, we have had intensive training and years of experience in the industry. Hiring waterproofing specialists is often less time consuming than your own attempts at locating leaks or other problems.

Another service we as waterproofing specialists offer, is a survey and inspection of the area. The survey and inspection can include visual inspections, laboratory testing, investigation and discovery of leaks, moisture measurements and of course, a price estimate.

Waterproofing specialists also provide drawings and specifications. By mapping out your roof, for instance, and highlight trouble spots, we can easily formulate a plan-of-action to repair your home. As waterproofing specialists we also offer quality control management for your project. If you hire us for the work, our on-site quality control will ensure your needs and specifications are being met. In addition, hiring us will save future damage and costs.

Because of the cost of hiring waterproofing specialists, many people choose to perform the entire project by themselves. Some people have found that their own mistakes are more costly than hiring a specialist from the beginning.

In February 2013 we needed our Factory roof to be recoated, I contacted Hamilton’s Painting. They got the job done in the allocated time period with supervision on site; I was extremely impressed with the workmanship as well as the approach by the owner. All in all a very impressive performance by this company.

– Greg Martins, (division Director)

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We also Specialise in Sealing Old Asbestos Roofs

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