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We are a bulk supplier of Anti-Microbial Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer products. The products are safe to use in your home, at the office or in your warehouse.
These products are the same products we use to disinfect offices and businesses in the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Hand Sanitizer 5L

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Hand Sanitizer – 5 Litre

Hand sanitizers are not cleaning agents and are not meant as a replacement for soap and water, but as a complementary habit.

The use of hand sanitizers is a habit that can help keep us all exposed to fewer germs, and therefore may decrease our chance of illness. Whether you are on the playground, using someone else’s computer or visiting a friend in the hospital, take the time to rub some on your hands. It is an easy step toward a healthy winter season.

Bulk Discounts on products do apply:

  • R1000 – R1999 = 5% Discount
  • R2000 – R4999 = 7.5% Discount
  • R5000 and more = 10% Discount
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